About Me

East London Psychotherapy

Gwen Williams BA (Hons), DipPsyc, UKCP Reg

About Me

I hold a Diploma in Psychotherapy and Social Studies from the Institute of Psychiatry and a Diploma in Clinical Supervision from the Westminster Pastoral Foundation. I have undertaken various courses in Mindfulness Training at Bangor University and engage in ongoing professional development. I am registered as a psychotherapist with the UKCP (UK Council for Psychotherapy).

I have well over twenty years personal and clinical experience in psychotherapy. Alongside my private practice, I facilitate a weekly mindfulness awareness group, and I facilitate interpersonal groups at the Nightingale Hospital. I also co-convene an eight-week Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy course at the Nightingale. I have taught Mindfulness at St Joseph Hospice, the Mindful Project and the Haringey Residents Association. I have delivered mindfulness courses in a number of secondary schools. From February 2016, I will be teaching mindfulness at City University.

I worked at City Hackney Mind (CHM) for sixteen years as a psychotherapist, most recently as Clinical Services Manager for the Psychological and Wellbeing Services. I provided clinical supervision to professional staff, including counsellors and psychotherapists who carried a clinical caseload. I also delivered clinical supervision the Minster Centre and in my private practice.

In line with my interest in clients who have enduring mental health issues, I worked as the Day Centre Manager at Islington Mind for three years and helped set up and provide a crisis telephone counselling service to residents in Islington.

Prior to my employment at CHM I worked for six years at the Women’s Therapy Centre as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist, providing individual psychotherapy sessions to women. I was also the resident therapist for the Lambo Day Centre, which was attached to Withington Hospital.