Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and Mindfulness Therapy

Our society is fast-changing, confusing and highly distracting. We find ourselves increasingly busy with work, consumption, childrearing, and entertainment. We seemingly never have a moment to pause, reflect and simply catch up with who we are. Mindfulness is a habit of mind that orientates us to the present, and to listen to our thoughts and feelings. It can be a form of therapy in itself, or a means to steady our minds for more involved psychotherapeutic engagement.

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy takes that process one step further by focusing on your inner world, and how your past and present relationships shape you, social as well as personal relationships. It offers the potential for, not just awareness of self, but a transformation of self in relation to the world – towards emotional, and even intellectual, growth.

I am a person-centred psychotherapist, which means that I listen to you and respond flexibly and supportively to what you bring to our sessions.